R&A Oyster

Flavor Comes Standard

At R&A oyster, we sell over 500,000 oysters a week, and offer a range of packaged oyster products for any need you may have. Our mission is to supply you with the finest oysters in the Gulf, when you need them.


Alway Ready. Always Fresh.

We wash and pre-shuck the oysters on the half shell. Our Individual Quick Freeze (IQF) machine then flash freezes the meat on trays of one dozen oysters. We wrap each tray and sell them in cases of a dozen trays. Our IQF machine is FDA certified to reduce bacteria and vibrio to undetectable levels.


Easy Release, Hard to Resist.

Using our state of the art High Pressure Processing (HPP) machine, the oysters are individually wrapped in our Capt. Fox brand green rubber bands, and then run through our HPP machine to remove any pathogens, bacteria, as well as all forms of the vibrio virus. The rubber band keeps the oyster closed and keeps the oyster’s original flavor and juices sealed inside the shell. We sell only the highest quality FDA certified HPP oysters in counts of 100 oysters per box.


Just the Good Stuff

We pick daily so that only the freshest meat goes into our gallons. We sell fresh oysters packed in our own Bayou Packing brand gallon containers. We also sell freshly frozen "pillow pack" gallons.


Easy Release, Hard to Resist.

Live, in-shell oysters that have not only been pressure washed to remove any dirt and mud but also hand graded to remove any excess pieces of shell or muscles. Available in three different weights (30, 40, and 60 pounds), with 30 pound boxes being our standard size.